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When someone passes away, they want to know that their last wishes and plans will be fulfilled. A trust is a powerful tool in estate planning, but it is ultimately people who carry out even the best-laid plans. Choosing the right person to manage a trust is a vital part of ensuring that the distribution of assets goes according to a deceased person’s wishes. A Bloomington trust administration lawyer from our office has the experience necessary to handle this important role.

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What a Trust Administration Lawyer Does

The person running the trust is the trustee. The person who establishes and funds the trust is the grantor. When the grantor is alive, they may choose to be their own trustee, or they may delegate the job to a Bloomington trust administration attorney. In either case, the grantor must choose a successor trustee–the person that will run the trust after the grantor has passed away or become incapacitated.

How a trust is administered after the grantor’s death is decided, in large part, by how the trust was structured to work. Trusts can serve a number of purposes, the most basic being that of avoiding probate, and ensuring beneficiaries get their inheritance with reasonable efficiency.  In such cases, the trustee simply executes this task before dissolving the trust.

Other trusts may be structured to provide an ongoing income for beneficiaries, including disabled adult children who can’t inherit everything at once without risking their eligibility for government benefits.

A trust may also be set up for inheritances kick in at certain points in time, such as graduation from high school or college, or marriage. Trust administration attorneys oversee these distributions, as well as any other conditions set by the grantor. An example of “conditions” might be a beneficiary that needs to successfully resolve addiction or other personal issues before gaining full access to their inheritance.

The Importance of Experience

The role of a trust administrator is a serious one, coming with fiduciary responsibility—meaning the administrator can be held liable by the beneficiaries if the trust is mismanaged or its terms not followed.

A Bloomington trust administrator lawyer must remain up-to-date on relevant laws and regulations, ensuring compliance with legal requirements. They are responsible for managing the investment, accounting, and administrative aspects of a trust.

Trust administrators must have an excellent eye for detail, and be able to interpret and analyze financial information accurately. Additionally, they should possess strong communication skills in order to interact effectively with beneficiaries, or others who may be involved in implementing the trust’s provisions.

Trust administrators are responsible for any charity funds held within the trust. This includes receiving contributions, executing distribution plans set forth by the grantor or donor advisor, monitoring investments held in connection with charitable activities or purposes, and reporting activities according to legal guidelines set out by applicable law.

Overall, it is a complex role. Trust administrators play an important role in protecting the interests of beneficiaries, while ensuring that any assets put into trust are handled appropriately according to applicable laws and regulations.

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