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Parents of disabled children often have an incredible amount of commitment to caring for their kids, even into adulthood. Depending on the severity of the disability, some may require full-time dependence. Others are able to carry out more activities independently yet still need support from their parents. In order to protect their children’s vitality and safety, parents may wonder who will care for their children after they, the parents, have passed on. Our Bloomington special needs planning lawyer is available to put together a long-term plan aimed at ensuring the future well-being of a disabled adult child.

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Common Issues in Minnesota Special Needs Planning

Every child and their individual needs are unique, as are the financial means of their parents. Consequently, every special needs plan should be tailored to these circumstances. However, there are general elements which often feature in such plans, including:

The Parents’ Will

It is important for everyone to have a will; however, this is particularly imperative for the parents of a disabled child. This document deals with who will act as a child’s guardian in the event of their passing and provides the designated person with power of attorney over matters concerning healthcare and residency. Conservatorship is related to this, dealing with the power to manage financial affairs on behalf of the disabled child, regardless of their age.

Special Needs Trusts

Government programs that disabled adults may depend on often have limits on assets that qualified individuals may possess. But…assets in a trust do not count toward this limit. Testamentary trusts enable parents’ assets to bypass probate court and, thus, prevent their adult disabled child from losing eligibility for such programs. The administrator of the trust is responsible for managing the assets appropriately, ensuring compliance with asset limits, as well as distributing what is needed by the beneficiary.

529A Accounts

529A account were created in 2014 under the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act. This is a great way for an adult disabled child to save some money without violating the asset limits of programs on which they may depend. Up to a certain amount, contributions are exempt from both these limits and federal income taxes.

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Housing Planning

Depending on how much independence an adult disabled child can handle, they may be able to move out of the parental home. Section 8 vouchers are available to help with rent or living in a group home. However, the waiting lists for voucher programs can be extremely long. It is best to start the process while they are still teenagers if parents think independent living is possible down the line. Homeownership is also a possibility–parents can buy a house at any time and put the property into a special needs trust for use when the adult child is ready. The trust administrator will be responsible for overseeing it.

The Letter of Intent

A Letter of Intent is not a legally binding document but can be very useful to the person taking care of a disabled child. It should provide as much detail as possible about what is required for their daily care. For someone with a disability, continuity and security are especially important, and supplying the new guardian with the necessary information helps make this possible. The contact information of any professionals involved in the disabled child’s life (doctors, therapists, attorneys, etc.) should also be included in the letter.

Lifetime Care For Your Adult Children

Everything about the work our Bloomington special needs planning lawyers do is aimed at making the life of the disabled adult child better and giving their parents peace of mind that this will continue after the parents have passed on.

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