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Estate planning is a wide-ranging field, with several different tools to help clients ensure their wishes are protected in the event of death or incapacitation. Our experienced Bloomington estate planning lawyers take the time to understand each client’s precise situation and then develop a plan that will address their unique needs.

Sandahl & Damhof brings the accumulated wisdom of over 60 years of combined experience to each and every estate planning case. Clients come to our Bloomington office from Minneapolis, Edina, Richfield, and all areas of the Twin Cities.

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The Tools of Estate Planning

Our services include the following…

  • Trusts: A trust can be established and funded while one is alive, or it can be arranged for assets to transfer in after death. Trusts can pay out the beneficiaries immediately upon the grantor’s passing, or payouts can take place over time and on notable life events. Each person and each family is different, and we’re here to help create a plan tailored to you.
  • Trust Administration: Our Bloomington estate planning attorneys can further assist with the administration of the trust. Executing the trust in accordance with the grantor’s wishes is a serious responsibility, one that includes exposure to legal liability. Letting experienced legal counsel handle this is likely to be much better than turning the trust administration over to a family member.
  • Power of Attorney: Estate planning isn’t just about what happens after we pass on. It’s also about how our affairs are managed in the event we become mentally or physically incapacitated. In these circumstances, another person will need to act on our behalf in both medical and financial matters. Having a power of attorney document ensures that authority will go to someone we trust.
  • Special Needs Planning: Parents who have children with special needs sacrifice so much for their kids, and it’s a sacrifice that continues as those children become adults. Parents want to be assured their disabled adult children are properly cared for after they, the parents, have passed on. Special needs planning is the way to do that, and we can help.
  • Wills: The most basic tool of all is the last will and testament. Clients come to us to get a will that will stand up to legal scrutiny, including if there is a dispute over the inheritance. Our attorneys are also available to help heirs who may need legal assistance navigating the probate process after their loved one has passed away.

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A big part of everyone’s unique estate planning needs is their age and their family situation. With our experience, the Bloomington estate planning lawyers at Sandahl & Damhof are skilled and flexible at crafting tailored estate plans.

Estate Planning for Singles

According to the U.S. Census, more than half of all Americans are single. And the reality is that they all need good estate planning. Why? A single person can still suffer serious injury and require someone to handle their medical and financial affairs. A single person can still have wishes for what happens to their assets after death and may not want to subject them to the state of Minnesota’s one-size-fits-all intestacy laws.

Estate Planning for Spouses

When people get married, it’s important to make sure their estate plan is up-to-date. Many couples mistakenly believe they can automatically make decisions for each other if one of them becomes incapacitated. Without proper legal documentation in place, that isn’t the case. While it’s true that a judge will likely appoint the spouse as power of attorney, it is still up to the judge to decide. Unless this decision has been finalized in a legally binding document beforehand. We’ll work with clients on power of attorney, along with all other matters pertaining to their legacy.

Estate Planning for Blended Families

Perhaps someone was previously married and still has an existing estate plan. This needs to be updated for their current marriage. Blended families often face tough estate planning challenges. An ex-spouse may need to be disinherited while staying within the terms proscribed by the divorce settlement. New stepchildren need to have their inheritance addressed.

Estate Planning for Minor Children

The parents of minor children have an important responsibility to make sure the physical and financial wellbeing of the kids is taken care of if something happens to the parents. It’s essential that guardians and fiduciaries be selected through proper estate planning. Without this advanced decision-making, a probate judge will be left to make decisions that might be quite different from what the parents would have preferred.

Our Bloomington Estate Planning Lawyers

Secure your legacy with a trusted Bloomington estate planning attorney at Sandahl & Damhof. Our experienced lawyers tailor strategies to protect your assets, minimize taxes, and ensure your wishes are upheld. Plan for the future – contact our estate planning law firm in Bloomington today for personalized guidance in crafting a comprehensive estate plan that provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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