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None of us like to think about the possibility of being mentally or physically incapacitated, especially long-term. But the unfortunate reality of life is that this does happen, and important personal affairs and decisions still need to be made. A Bloomington power of attorney lawyer from our office is here to help people ensure they have the right people with decision-making authority.

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How Power of Attorney Works

Power of attorney is a legal document that gives someone the authority to act on another person’s behalf. This document grants the appointed individual the power to make decisions which are legally binding.

Having a power of attorney in place gives people the ability to choose who will take care of their legal affairs, financial matters, and medical decisions. Without one, it would be up to a court to decide who becomes responsible for this. We all want to know that the person who acts on our behalf in difficult circumstances has out best interests at heart and shares our values. Our Bloomington power of attorney lawyers are here to help clients do just that.

Power of attorney is most often needed to take care of someone’s financial affairs or to make important medical decisions.

Financial Power of Attorney

Financial issues can be far-reaching, such as the power to manage investments, real estate, even the family business. They can also be more granular, such as the power to pay bills, and make withdrawals from a checking or savings account.

Clients with large holdings need to know that the person designated to oversee their affairs will be not only trustworthy, but have the competence to deal with such matters.

All clients, regardless of the size of their portfolio, may one day be unable to physically leave their residence, even if they are still mentally sharp. The result is that another person may need the legal authority to engage in financial transactions that require in-person presence.

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Medical Power of Attorney

People have strong views on how they want to handle end-of-life medical decisions, and it’s important to make sure those wishes are legally documented. Without this, adult children may find themselves arguing over the care of their parents in their final days.

The power of attorney in health care can take two forms. The most specific form is an Advance Medical Directive. This leaves explicit direction on how to handle a specific situation that might be reasonably anticipated when the principal (the person granting the power of attorney) is still well.

But the reality is, that not every possible outcome to be accounted for. When the unforeseen arises, the medical power of attorney acts as the voice for the principal and is authorized to make life-or-death decisions on their behalf.

It’s important to note that the financial and power of attorney roles need not be held by the same person. That’s certainly possible, but every person’s situation is different. Each principal, with good guidance from their Bloomington power of attorney lawyer, can designate legal authority based on what’s best for them.

Experienced & Trustworthy Guidance

The lawyers at Sandahl & Damhof bring over 60 years of experience to every case. We know what circumstances to anticipate and how to help clients think through possible outcomes, as they make these important decisions.

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