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Probate is often required to ensure that the assets of a deceased person are properly distributed to their beneficiaries. An experienced Bloomington probate lawyer can help protect the interests of their clients by working to minimize potential disruptions in this probate process, and dealing with the issues that do arise in your probate case.

The trio of probate attorneys at Sandahl & Damhof offer a combined 60 years of legal practice experience. From our Bloomington office, we serve clients throughout the Twin Cities, including Minneapolis, Edina, and Richfield.

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It’s important to note that having a last will and testament in place does not mean that heirs will be able to avoid going through probate. It takes a trust to do that. However, having clear wishes expressed in a will can certainly reduce the possibilities of problems in the probate process and make it smoother for the heirs. Contact a probate attorney to help you through your estate planning matters.

Steps In The Minnesota Probate Process

The steps in the Hennepin County probate process aren’t necessarily complex, but they are very detail-oriented. Having a Bloomington probate attorney who is deeply familiar with your legal needs, state laws, and all that’s required can go a long way toward making this entire process more manageable for the heirs. The steps of probate, broadly speaking, are as follows:

Validating The Death

A death certificate will need to be supplied to the Hennepin County Probate Court. These can be obtained through the county office. When the death certificate is provided, the probate court will post a notice of death. One purpose of the death notice is to allow creditors that may still be owed money to come forward and make their claim against the decedent’s assets.

When a will is submitted to Probate Court, its validity needs to be confirmed. Working with an experienced wills lawyer when drafting the document can be extremely valuable, increasing the likelihood that the will can be accepted without challenges being raised.

Identifying Assets

Locating all of the decedent’s assets is an essential part of the probate process. From bank accounts and stock portfolios to real estate deeds and vehicle titles, every asset needs to be identified and accounted for.

Furthermore, some wills might specify that their beneficiaries should receive a certain percentage from their net worth. Therefore, it is important to accurately calculate the value of any non-cash assets, in order to determine the total amount that can be divided among the recipients. This is particularly relevant in real estate issues. Not only does a property need to be properly valued and, depending on the wishes of the deceased, sold, but anyone living on the property must receive formal legal notification. Our Bloomington experienced probate attorney can help you navigate through probate law and each step of the probate process.

Locate Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries need to be informed of their inheritance. In some probate cases, this may be straightforward – family members, spouses and close friends are typically easy to notify. However, the task can become more challenging if any long lost relatives or acquaintances are part of the distribution. Our Bloomington probate lawyers take the burden of finding and notifying beneficiaries off the shoulders all of our clients.

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Deal With Probate Disputes

If family members or someone else feels that a will is fraudulent, there are legal proceedings available to pursue an appeal. This could be due to the deceased not being of sound mind when signing the will, or if a beneficiary was excluded unexpectedly from the expected share of the inheritance. Moreover, if any of the beneficiaries have concerns over how the executor has handled their duties, they can also bring it up in Probate Court.

Pay Creditors & Taxes

Any creditors that have come forward need to be paid out of the deceased’s estate. Taxes have to be taken care of as well. Sandahl & Damhof’s probate attorney experience includes not only the legal mechanics of a will and probate law, but we have a strong background in tax and finance. The last thing people grieving the loss of a loved one need to worry about is whether taxes on the estate have been appropriately filed. Let our probate lawyers handle that.

Distribute The Inheritance

Once all of the above has been completed, it’s time to get the beneficiaries their inheritance. While a probate attorney is not legally required for this, and for other steps in the probate process, a probate lawyer can certainly make the estate administration a lot easier for the deceased’s loved ones.

Do I Need A Probate Attorney In Minneapolis, MN?

Determining whether you need a probate attorney in Minneapolis, MN depends on several factors related to the specific circumstances of the estate plan.

While hiring a probate attorney is not mandatory in all probate cases, it can be beneficial to have professional legal guidance throughout the probate process. A probate attorney can help navigate the court process, ensure compliance with Minnesota law, probate laws and probate procedure, manage estate assets, handle the legal documents, handle creditors, and provide peace of mind.

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The probate lawyers at Sandal & Damhof have over a combined 60 years of experience practicing law particularly in estate planning law, and in legal affairs pertaining to a deceased person’s estate plan. Clients that come to us know they’re getting good advice and diligent legal work for their estate planning needs.

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